Using Data Quality Pilot to Launch Enterprise Data Governance and Stewardship: A Real Roadmap
  Sara Willovit   Sara Willovit
Associate Director, Product Data Operations and Governance


Wednesday, March 20, 2019
12:00 PM - 01:00 PM

Level:  Introductory

This session will focus on how Wiley a Global Publishing company conducted a Data Quality initiative and used it as a foundational building block for implementing a business value added Data Governance program from the ground up to govern product data across the enterprise. Attendees will learn about how we turned product data quality challenges into an opportunity to launch product data governance and centralize product set up & maintenance operations across the enterprise, and how they can apply our lessons learned to their own organizations. They will learn how to leverage a Company’s strategic initiatives like an ERP implementation and Product Lifecyle Management to develop a business case for a sustainable Data Governance & Data Quality program. Finally they will learn how Wiley operationalized Data Governance & Stewardship by alleviating data pain points by formalizing data issue management.

Sara Willovit has been implementing the “Data as a Service” program for over 15 years, and her skill set includes in-depth analysis of business processes, implementing data standards/policies, and calculating the business impact of data quality anomalies. Her accomplishments include the design and deployment of a Data Governance/Agile Stewardship framework, Enterprise Data Quality COE, centralized master data change control process, a multidimensional Financial Chart of Accounts, the implementation of an Enterprise Business Accredited Glossary, and many ERP and Data Governance/Data Quality tool implementations.