Open House in the Metadata Science Lab
  Thomas Frisendal   Thomas Frisendal
Graph Data Architect
TF Informatik


Wednesday, March 20, 2019
12:00 PM - 01:00 PM

Level:  Technical (may include code)

Today data modeling is not only about working your way top-down from the business level through logical and physical models. More often than not, refactoring of some data is on many engineering cards. And metadata is the starting point. This presentation walks through some scenarios, where graph technology and language processing are ideal for transforming metadata to new models. For example an XMI-representation of a UML class model being given a makeover to become a property graph data model. We will demo the actual technology applied (yes, some code and nice visualizations), based on practical experiences:

  • Loading the metadata
  • Discovering the structure and meaning contained in the metadata
  • Filtering metadata
  • Transformation / refactoring
  • Generating a new data model graph and other NoSQL
  • Maintaining lineage between old and new

The focus in data science is bottom-up from the data, building catalogs. Automation of metadata discovery and refactoring is even more important. Obviously raw data has value. But the structure and the meaning of the data comes from the metadata and are business critical. Welcome to a happy hour in the metadata lab!

Thomas Frisendal, Graph Data Architect and Visual Data Modeler, is an experienced database consultant with more than 30 years on the IT vendor side and as an independent consultant. He has worked with databases and data modeling since the late '70s; since 1995 primarily on data warehouse projects. He has a strong urge to visualize everything as graphs – even data models!

He excels in the art of turning data into information and knowledge. His approach to information-driven analysis and design is "New Nordic" in the sense that it represents the traditional Nordic values such as superior quality, functionality, reliability, and innovation by new ways of communicating the structure and meaning of the business context as graphs.

Thomas is an active writer and speaker. He lives in Copenhagen, Denmark.