The Leader's Data Manifesto
  James Price   James Price
Managing Director
Experience Matters
  Danette McGilvray   Danette McGilvray
President and Principal
Granite Falls
  Thomas Redman   Thomas Redman
Founder and President
Data Quality Solutions


Wednesday, March 20, 2019
07:30 AM - 08:15 AM

Level:  Business / Non-Technical

Introduced in 2017 at Enterprise Data World, the Leader's Data Manifesto is a declaration of intent to assist business and government leaders to manage their Information Assets - their data, information, and knowledge - as if they were, because they are, a vital business asset. Providing the right data to the right people at the right time is critical to every business activity, every business process, and every business decision. Data is foundational to all the high profile issues: to analytics and artificial intelligence; to cyber-security; to the cloud and data sovereignty; to innovation and disruption; and to Blockchain and the Internet Of Things. Yet if organizations were to manage their money the way they manage their data, they would be "broke in a week." There is a fundamental disconnect here.

This presentation provides an update on the Leader’s Data Manifesto.  Join us to find out:

  • What we said
  • What has happened
  • Your feedback
  • How you can use it
  • How you can be involved
  • What’s next

James Price has over 30 years' experience in the information industry. Realising that it’s the information, not the infrastructure that delivers it, that creates business value, James formed Experience Matters, a firm that advises on how to manage vital data, information and knowledge as a strategic business asset to drive significant, tangible business outcomes. His work with the University of South Australia researching the “Barriers to and benefits of managing data, information and knowledge as a strategic business asset” has been described by Gartner as “tremendous” and the research as “ground-breaking.” Stuart Hamilton of Aquatic Informatics wrote, “I do believe that you have documented the greatest single barrier to productivity in the 21st Century economy and nobody knows about it.” James is internationally recognized as an author of ethics approved, peer-reviewed papers and as a keynote presenter to business and academic conferences.

Danette McGilvray is President and Principal of Granite Falls Consulting, a firm that helps organizations increase their success by addressing the information quality and data governance aspects of their business efforts. Focusing on bottom-line results, Granite Falls excels in helping clients connect their business strategy to practical steps for implementation, with communication and the human aspect of work also being emphasized. An internationally respected expert, the second edition of her book "Executing Data Quality Projects: Ten Steps to Quality Data and Trusted Information"™ (Elsevier/Academic Press) was released in 2021. Her Ten Steps™ approach has been embraced as a proven method for managing data quality in any organization. A popular speaker, she has taught her courses in several countries. Her book has been translated into Chinese and is being used as a textbook in university graduate programs. Contact her at or via LinkedIn.

Dr. Thomas C. Redman, “the Data Doc,” President of Data Quality Solutions, helps start-ups and multinationals, senior executives, Chief Data Officers, and leaders buried deep in their organizations chart their courses to data-driven futures, with special emphasis on quality and analytics. Tom’s most important article is “Data’s Credibility Problem” (Harvard Business Review, December 2013). He has a Ph.D. in Statistics and two patents.